Two months of Rossum-free existence accumulated to form one large bout of nausea…all captured on her MySpace!

So apparently Emmy Rossum, for lack of a bonafide acting career, is now looking to release an album. Phantom was not an anomaly, gossips. Rossum sings! Rossum sings because Rossum also happens to be dating a record exec with the most atrocious fashion sense EVER!!!!!!!!!!

His legs! His legs! My eyes! My eyes!!!!

Anyway…about her music. Total f&ckin’ cheese ass Rossum – will appeal to a certain set and her voice is nice enough but you know what kills me? It’s the accent – she sings with a British accent mixed with a dash of operatic vowel enunciation… like the word LOVE isn’t LOVE but LOW-VE. Madonna does it, now Rossum is doing it, only Rossum’s lyrics are like uber corn, with song titles like Lullaby and Stay and they all sound the same.

And of course, because this is Emmy after all, she actually had to go and dissect her craft, offering lyrical analysis behind her “music’ – note the bolded passages…full on Rossum!

“I"ve just uploaded a clip of a song called "Lullaby" from my album. For me, lullabies are a place of comfort and warmth and protection. I think everyone has moments where they feel cold and unloved and unwanted… small, scared to trust anyone… feel like the world can be cold, that you lost your way… I wrote it so that you know that you"re not alone... that you don"t have to carry that burden all by yourself… that there"s someone who feels just like you… To let that be your comfort.

I"m also putting up a clip of a song called "Stay"... When I think of love, I see impressionistic images. I wanted the song to be lyrically reflective of that... Love is sometimes a disorienting rush, and I wanted "Stay" to feel like the experience of being close to somebody in that way. It"s about being vulnerable, and open… that when you love somebody like that, words are not necessary, you just know… and when somebody feels that way about you… it makes you feel alive.. like you have a purpose… like there"s a reason for you to exist…

Thank you for your kindness and support, and for listening.. it really means a lot to me.. I can"t wait for you all to hear the full versions on iTunes in july… counting the days…
xx emmy

Help me. Someone help me.

When you’re feeling blue
Do you
Turn to

And the saddest, saddest part of our sorry existence…some people actually do. Some people will actually buy. How"s that for spoiling your Friday?