While the two big dogs, People and Us Weekly, are engaged in battle over that Jon & Kate plus 8 and maybe cheating schoolteacher with an opportunist brother, the others are either sticking with the go-to money makers Brad, Angie, and Jen, or in OK!’s case, hoping to capitalise on Twi-hard devotion. This is the cover. Star Magazine is making The Jolie the devil again but also planting a faux smutty story in the corner about Pattinson with a dancer.

Need a true Twilight fix Twi-hards? It’s like vitamins every day.

The wolves have wrapped shooting. It’s now Volturi time. As I first reported yesterday, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, and Jamie Bower Campbell have arrived in Vancouver. Dakota did not work today but Michael and Jamie had very early call times. The scenes:

The Volturi judging and sentencing a vampire who broke the rules – as seen in a painting.


Edward presenting himself to the Volturi and requesting their decision. The three vampire leaders say nope, they don’t want to destroy him.

It’s gets more interesting later. Keep you posted.