Lindsay Lohan managed to not get arrested over the Independence Day weekend. But it’s only the beginning of July. And she lives next door to her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson in Venice. And did you know Samantha is dating someone new? Someone beautiful, someone well connected, and someone very well liked?

Sam’s new gf is Erin Foster. Page Six reported last week that the two have already told their families about their relationship. Here they are on Sunday after hitting up a Starbucks. Erin is a sometime actress and the daughter of David Foster. If her Twitter is any indication, she’s also friends with all of Sam’s friends who hate Lohan. Like Nicole Richie.

So she’s hot, she’s popular, and she’s sharing a bed with Sam...

If I were Erin, I’d watch my back.

Lohan is due for a rage explosion very, very soon. Attached – Lohan with her massive lips at Whole Foods yesterday fronting like she’s all about the healthy living. She told Vanity Fair Italy that she’s starting to work in October. And something about wanting to be on a film set for the next 12 months. Whatever. To read more of her bullsh-it in Vanity Fair Italy, click here.

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