Lorella just sent me an email asking when the Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Martha Stewart Weddings issue is coming out.

When is that Martha Stewart with Blake Lively coming out? I need to see it.
(I can’t remember the last time I was waiting on a magazine release.)
(Okay, that’s a lie.)*

The Lively-Reynolds wedding photo spread is for the December issue. And with US Thanksgiving this week, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good move to release it in time for the holiday, when everyone can thumb through it uninterrupted for several days, just before Christmas shopping season. Do beautiful exclusive celebrity wedding pictures inspire people to spend money?

Blake’s been very, very quiet for several weeks, no doubt smartly strategising, not wanting to dilute the effectiveness of the images, understanding that we have to be hungry for it to maximise the attention. It’s working. But of course it is. That girl has been playing us for a year now.

Any day now then.

Any day.


We might need to live blog this situation when we finally get a good look at that dress. And the flowers. And the place settings. And the candles. And that barn. Even the dogs!

*She’s referring here to the US Weekly Kristen Stewart cheating scandal but that’s for another day.