Duana has been trying to get me to watch Gilmore Girls for a long time. I was sick all weekend and it was Thanksgiving in Canada so I started and have now finished the first season. While I’m not in love with it yet, I am in love with Emily Gilmore – so much. Also Mr Medina is gross – SO GROSS – and I don’t know why Lorelai is attracted to him. And I’m convinced Jared Padalecki and Cole Hamels are the same person. When I asked Duana if anyone else noticed the similarity she had no idea what I was talking about. But I suspect it’s because she only memorises the names of the Toronto Blue Jays and no other baseball players on any other teams, even the teams that the Jays play in the playoffs.

My texts to Duana while watching Gilmore Girls are mostly EMILY GILMORE IS THE BEST and I HATE CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY’s TRISTAN, WHEN WILL HE DIE? So far, Tristan is still alive. And so far, I’m still waiting to meet Milo Ventimiglia. I only remembered he was on Gilmore Girls because when you watch it on Netflix his picture shows up in the title card. Which, I guess, means he must be a big deal on the show. Remembering that Milo Ventimiglia was on Gilmore Girls led to me remembering that he and Alexis Bledel dated. Which then led to me trying to remember if there were rumours that it wasn’t a great relationship. And when I asked Duana about this she refused to answer because she wanted me to process his storyline on the show without any preconceived ideas about their chemistry. Fine. But I hope he shows up soon because Rory and Dean are boring and Paris Geller is obviously my favourite after Emily Gilmore. Those two should have some scenes together. Will they?

Milo, as you know, is now on This Is Us which just aired its third episode last night to very strong ratings despite having a schedule change and an interruption since its premiere.

Attached - Milo at Universal Studios for an appearance on Extra with Mandy Moore.