Lilo drama…what else is new. She loves it. She lives for it. She creates it. She can’t exist without it.

So there was a warrant issued for her arrest on Friday. Violation of probation related to her DUI. The warrant however did not deter Lindsay Lohan from heading out for an eventful Friday night starting at the Chateau Marmont. At almost 2am she then headed to Jack Nicholson’s house, standing outside his gate, buzzing for several minutes until “Jack” opened up.


Booty calling Jack Nicholson?

Two hours after that, her bodyguard came to pick her up and she was dropped off at Samantha Ronson’s. Ronson returned home later that morning and the two got into a massive scrap - so loud the neighbours called the cops. They refused to open the door, at one point Lindsay threw something out the window, shattering the glass, eventually they promised the police – via telephone – that they’d chill the f*ck out, and everyone went home.

Lindsay has not been seen since (at press time). Her lawyer is now speaking for her, calling the warrant a “misunderstanding” and he’s expected to be in court cleaning up her case this morning.

It’s always a misunderstanding. Just like it’s never her fault. Just like there’s always someone else to blame. Just like she’s always a victim. Just like she’s totally healthy and not using. Just like her mother keeps insisting she’s “fine”.

If her leaked Twitter posts are to be believed, obviously she’s definitely not fine. Click here to read Lilo’s alleged random tweets sent by an anonymous source who claims he/she wants to save her. Click here to see what she looked like on Friday night, not unlike what she looked like passed out in the front seat of SamRo’s car almost 2 years ago, shortly before her second stint in rehab.

Is she headed back there? She should be…but no. Word is she’s been desperately calling everyone she knows, trying to convince them she’s clean, begging not to be written off. Her mantra, I’m told, is this:

“I’m an actor. All I want to do is act.”

Meanwhile, some of her friends have been dropping in to see her, deliberately photographed carrying AA books into her house, like she’s the model recovering addict. Her assistant has also been working extra hard, running errands, making deliveries, picking up her sh-t.

Why does a jobless orange twat need an assistant? Another question for another time.

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