Am currently obsessed with the movie star scene from the 60s thanks to Easy Riders, Raging Bulls and also of course Furious Love featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, although Warren and co were coming in as the new renegades of Hollywood after Queen Liz’s reign.

Warren Beatty was the motherf-cking sh-t back in the day. And back in the day there was a certain... permissiveness when it came to the behaviour of stars and heartthrobs when he didn’t have to front like he wasn’t a lothario and didn’t have to hid the two or three tricks hanging off of him at one time. Wouldn’t you have liked to be at one, just one, party in the Hollywood Hills with these bad boys? Beatty, Nicholson, Hopper... wouldn’t you have wanted to stand in the corner to observe? Or... would you have wanted to participate?

There’s a passage in Easy Riders that details what it was like during production for Bonnie & Clyde. They were in Texas and Warren would fight all day with Arthur Penn on the set and then retreat into his trailer and it was almost like a lineup of women, in and out all day for their turn:

“Girls clambered in and out at all hours of the day and night. The cast and crew watched it rock back and forth like a ship upon the sea.”

That book is so dirty I love it so much.

But those days are no more. If I were Annette Bening, I’d walk around with a dick. She tamed the Beatty. And here they are, last night at the AFI event honouring Mike Nichols, all distinguished and classy and grown up, those nights in the Winnebago far behind them.

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