Chris Rock’s divorce timing

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 5, 2015 16:01:52 January 5, 2015 16:01:52

Chris Rock filed for divorce from his wife Malaak right around Christmas. It looks like it might get messy. But the timing is interesting too…

Because Rock was in St Barts for New Year’s, yacht hopping with billionaires and partying with Diddy. And Page Six reports that there was a “mystery woman” who was with him, with sources telling the publication that she is indeed his new girlfriend.

So… partly optics then, right?

Let me tell the world I’m not with my wife anymore so that I can go off on holiday with a replacement and not look like a total asshole. Just a half asshole?

No confirmation yet on whether or not he’s really hooking up with someone new but…


During his 19 year marriage with Malaak there were two paternity claim situations that he had to deal with (that we know of) and even though he ended up not being the father on both, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t there, you know what I mean?

Rock turns 50 next month. He’s enjoying an upswing in his career. On paper, it all just looks so… textbook.


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