As mentioned earlier, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were on the same party circuit last night after the Globes. Click here for a refresher and to see pictures of Taylor with her sisterhood. At one point they were all at Chateau Marmont. Jake was having a great time with sister Maggie and Ruth Wilson. There are no reports so far of anything suggesting that he and Ruth are more than friends. In fact, according to US Weekly, while Ruth and Maggie talked, Jake was dancing with Rita Ora, among others.

At around 2am, Taylor was also seen on the dance floor, but not dancing. She had a friend with her and supposedly kept telling her friend that “We have to go, we have to go”. They ran off to the bathroom where there was a summit with Cara Delevingne and some others. US’s source says Taylor seemed like she was having a meltdown and had to be comforted by Cara who had her arm around her. Shortly after that, she was seen in the lobby, pacing in circles with smudged eye makeup, looking or waiting for her friends. Later on, she and Cara were on a bench outside talking privately.

The implication here is that she came down with the drama over Jake, the way Selena Gomez came down with the drama over Justin Bieber at Taylor’s birthday party last month. Very possible. I don’t suppose many of you totally believe that she’s as tough as she sings herself to be. But…

It’s also possible, I mean it kinda sounds like it could also be…

A bad trip?

If you’ve been there, you know what it feels like. The paranoia, the drama, especially when there are so many people around. And, well, it’s young Hollywood. And, um, it’s not like the Cara Delevingne crowd… plays wholesomely.

So that’s your party buffet for the day: was she tripping or was she …Jake-ing?