The Emmy nominations.

Despite the fact that is has been widely hailed as one of the most impressive shows to come around in a long, long time, the geriatric f&cks at the Academy couldn’t bother to update their nomination ballots for Friday Night Lights.

Grey’s Seasons 1 and 2? Absolutely. Absolutely absolutely worthy.

Grey’s Seasons 3? A season that saw Meredith PASS HER MOTHER IN THE HALLS OF HEAVEN in the lamest three episode arc, like, ever???


And seriously…as my girlfriends said yesterday – not that they’re in the same category – but who the hell watches Two and a Half Men??? And why?

Full list of Emmy noms here

And attached – Connie Britton, the sexiest mom maybe ever in all of television, at a press tour in advance of the new season designed to attract more female viewership without, bless, turning the show into The OC in Texas.

Stop reading now if don’t want spoilers but among some of the highlights:

- the show picks up 8 months later, Tami heavily pregnant living in Dillon, Coach at the university
- Riggins will not have a long term fling with his neighbour though she will be back for a few eps off the top
- conflicting egos between Saracen and Smash as the new coach focuses on one over the other
- Julie and Matt both have other temptations: a cute arty boy for her, a hot latina for him
And the best…

- Lyla becomes an evangelical!


PS. Yay for The Office and Extra and Weeds and The Closer and the quality.