Right off the top we’ll be posting answers to the advance questions. Then we’ll get into the live chat. Have a feeling there will be a lot of yelling today. Movie Passion is good. But first, please note, let’s clarify to save time – I wrote that The Social Network was a GOOD film, a very good film, a solid A grade. I don’t think however that it’s a gamechanging film. There’s a difference. I didn’t say it sucked. But I also I don’t think it’s the f-cking masterpiece of a generation. I don’t think people will be talking about it in... oh... a year. That may however be more related to the transient nature of social networking than anything else. Perhaps the debate should be then if anything these days is ever going to hold up as a gold standard the way things used to in these attention deficit times. I don’t use Facebook, never have. Maybe it just hasn’t shaken my world the way it’s shaken yours. In any event, we’ll devote *some* discussion to it, in addition to other box office business, and you can fight with Sarah from Cinesnark over Superman, and we’ll get to some good old fashioned gossip too. All in an hour? We are ambitious.

Please note we are trying to include as many comments as possible. But please also understand there are thousands of you and it can get out of control free-for-all really quickly. I guess we’re aiming for organised chaos, as trite as that sounds. No racial business and try to control your perv too. It’s time!