I'm starting to develop a little "agenda" technique with these liveblogs to keep the conversations on track. You good with that?

On tap today - more discussion on the MTV Movie Awards: has Twilight made them boring or is it a fair forum for the fans? Also, Reese Witherspoons's speech - targeted to Blake? Was Reese tipsy? And Kristen Stewart: awkward and shy...or Rich Hippy?

Then to Scarjo and why she looks like sh-t. And Leo loving Blake. And Daniel Craig's massive movie career.

Also - we need to fight about whether or not Posh's picky food particulars are offside. I can't wait to get into this. All of it.

You ready?

As always, we're ok if you yell but we're not ok if you're racist.

One hour of liveblogging begins now!