Thanks for joining us today instead of tomorrow as – sob! – it’s the end of our 12 day holiday and we have to travel back to Vancouver. And the New York Film Critics Circle just spiced up the races a little. Not for Best Picture though – that still belongs to The Social Network. But Anne Bening just picked up her first big win over Natalie Portman. And Mark Ruffalo took it over Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor. AND Aaron Sorkin did NOT get the New York nod for Screenplay. Instead...NYC seems to love The Kids Are All Right.

Also on the agenda, as promised, more Breaking Dawn Twilight talk for 10 minutes. We’ll get to that.

And I’ll be taking regular shots at Elizabeth Hurley’s new man because that, that is all kinds of shame. Am also interested in your thoughts about the Smith kids. And Dianna Agron. And Miley’s bong. And...there’s just so much.

As always, please f-ck off if you’re here with racist comments.

LiveBlog for an hour!