Under the column of it’s None of My Goddamn Business, we’re discussing the new Kidman/Urban baby . And many of you have had questions about Ricky Gervais and why the f-ckin’ drama. So we’ll get that too, in addition to some of the lingering Globe style questions and the BAFTA nominations and looking ahead to the Oscar nominations next week. Also remind me to tell you about Jon Hamm. It’s nothing gossipy. It’s just cute. Maybe cute isn’t the right word. Also a checklist on who got really, really stanking drunk at the afterparties, aside from Paz de la Huerta. That girl has a very serious problem. I think it’s time to reclassify her as Sad Smut.

The rules for the LiveBlog are as always: we don’t want you and your racist bullsh-t. Go away.