So I’m still in and out shooting these Bieber stories for etalk. He’s taken over my f-cking life. Which is why this week I’ve been unable to get to the advance questions. I apologise for that. Next week should be back to normal. Sarah from Cinesnark however has been able to answer a few of hers. Those will be posted right off the top. Because of my Twilight post yesterday, there will likely be some Twilight time today. Well that should be entertaining. It is to me. And if you’re asking about Carey Mulligan & Shia LaBeouf, they will be the focus of the first article to be posted immediately after the liveblog. I’ve just pre-written it and it’s ready to go right at 4:10pm ET/1:10pm PT.

Also on tap: HP7, The Hobbit, Swifty & Douchey, all the divorces, Brange, and more. Join us! But please keep the racial and pervy sh-t off the page. Time to gossip.