Sarah from Cinesnark and I are a bit on the frazzled side today. She’s recovering from a bout of food poisoning and I’m going later to have my mouth cut open. Need drugs. Thank you, however, to the person who offered this piece of wisdom: “just moan a lot during the procedure and your dentist will hook you up with the hard sh-t". Brilliant. I’ve also realised that many of you have some Lohan tendencies of your own. I shouldn’t but I love this so much. Would it be offside to show up at my Surgery in pyjamas? Sorry, I digress.

So it’s time for our weekly and I’m sure we’ll be fighting about The Social Network this week, and before we do, I’d just like to make something clear, because you bitches like to yell before I finish my thought. It’s a kick ass beast of a movie. Maybe even a masterpiece, sure. What’s debatable however is how many nominations and wins will go down. That’s two different discussions. Great movies don’t always make it to the Kodak. Because the voters, sometimes, oftentimes, are f-cked up. Fine, go ahead and yell now.

As for your comments and questions and Jacek’s incompetence – I agree, he’s indefensibly inept. But we are trying our best to get as many up there as possible. Please understand that there are thousands of you hitting this at the same time. We want to include as many questions as we can without bombing the discussion with question after question after question. Having said that, yes, by all means, you can keep yelling at Jacek for that too. Remember to try to keep the racial pervy sh-t off the boards. Time to chat!