Just a quick note about the TV LiveBlog with Duana on Thursday. I am travelling to Tofino that day for our annual anniversary vacation (that was postponed for Harry Potter this year) and will not have wireless during the ferry ride and subsequent drive to the coast. We’re trying to reschedule for Friday. Keep you posted.

As for today – we’ll discuss Hathaway and Franco at the Oscars, we can argue about Sarah’s holiday box office predictions, and how the awards races are shaping up now that Winter’s Bone surged ahead after the Gothams last night, and on to smuttier things like Madonna’s gym and I imagine you’ll continue to bitch about Swifty and Jakey but do not come here with sh-tty things to say about my Mimi because if you can’t appreciate Mimi, you simply don’t have the spirit. You are welcome however to trash Justin Timberlake’s pathetic Oscar hopes. No racist bullsh-t though. Ready?

I solemnly swear that I’m a f-cking bitch.