Thanks for your ongoing support of our LiveBlog. An hour does seem short, I hear you, but it’s also not an all day activity... is it? If you want to submit questions early for inclusion, please send to [email protected] and we’ll try to address it right off the top. Am joined by Sarah from Cinesnark who doesn’t believe yet in Bradley Cooper and you are welcome to yell at her for that although, frankly, if his box office is any indication from this summer, how can you argue with her?

Also today: more Emmys analysis, including Lea Michele, and January Jones, and whatever dress you feel should have been noted, and also the movie season is upon us as the Venice Film Festival opens tomorrow, followed next by TIFF. I head to Toronto to prepare for TIFF on Monday and in addition to covering the festival for etalk and my blog, I will also be writing again for The Globe & Mail with specific focus on, as usual, the party beat. No sleep for two weeks!

Yes, Jacek sucks for not being able to post all of your comments/questions. But there are literally thousands of them to scroll through. We are doing our best to get the most relevant and most intriguing ones up on the blog without disrupting the flow of the discussion. Let’s get started!