It’s time for the Weekly Live Blog with Sarah from Cinesnark and we’re both obsessed this week with the mindf-ck that is Inception. Right now I’m all over the theory that Leo was the Inception target all along, masterminded by Mal. Which means I totally have to go see it again to look for clues to support this. At which point I’ll come out of there with 10 other theories necessitating a trip back to the theatre. We can discuss Inception today and throw out some Salt box office predictions and fight about Jolie vs Aniston because the Brangelunatics and the Jen fans are attacking all at once and we can go into the Fall Preview too: Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, Due Date, The Town, oh sh-t yeah, and Comic-Con. Did you read the Green Lantern feature on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last issue? Remember when Justin Timberlake tried to be Green Lantern?

You can yell at us but please refrain from the pervy, racist comments. And we’ll try to get as many of them up there as possible without disrupting the flow of the conversation. Let’s go!

PS...our landline internet just went down. Blogging with the RocketStick. Once we're back on, Jacek will be able to approve and post your comments. Until then it's mainly me and Sarah.