Did you hear about this? I’ve not had time to address it until now. But W.E., Madonna’s directorial effort about Wallis Simpson, was acquired by the Weinsteins. And, gulp, word is it might not suck.

The source is a good one. A very reliable one. Not someone who gets pushed around by publicists and studios. He was actually fired from a job for pissing a studio off. Harvey Weinstein can be pretty intimidating to even the most noble journalists but by and large, Roger Friedman is pretty legit. And according to Friedman, who did not have kind words to say about W.E. initially, which is another indication that this report is pretty solid, W.E. is “really, really good”.

I know.

I’m reeling too.

According to Friedman’s source, the film is “smart and thoughtful and incredibly stylish. A performance by Andrea Riseborough that’s Oscar worthy. I don’t know how the f— she [Madonna] did it. It’s an art picture, there’s no question about it. It’s a picture for women. Bob and Harvey really loved it. This is a lot like Tom Ford’s directing of A Single Man. We were impressed with her. Everyone’s been talking about her in house for two weeks. She’s gotten it all up there on the screen. It’s hard to tell a good story. She managed to do it.”

As for whether or not she glorifies Wallis Simpson and buries the real sh-t – the Nazi sympathising, the irresponsible spending, the mistreatment of staff, the racism – apparently “it’s at least mentioned”. Hm.

Can you imagine? Madonna?!!!

And if this is true, how f-cking smug she can be up in GOOP’s face?

Oh but you know what it means, right? If Madonna can direct, she’ll think she can ACT. Mother help us all.

Here’s Madge at Heathrow the other day arriving with her sons Rocco and David Banda. She’s been really, really quite lately. And where M is concerned, nothing is by accident. She feels confident. You know what she’s like when she’s confident, right? It’s coming...

Click here for more on Madonna’s W.E. from Roger Friedman.

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