Before Gwyneth there was Winona. I loved Heathers. I lived for Reality Bites. I copied that hairstyle and I wore it proudly. I wanted my very own doe eyes and I even walked around with a camcorder in 4th year, feebly trying to memorex every last moment of my university existence. Then Gwyneth came into my life and like any fickle fan, Nonie got tossed for taller, more fashionable, more elitist territory. But when Winona went off the deep end, I was crushed. Because at the end of the day, the girl is a damaged, vulnerable, beautiful, fragile, and very very lost doll. Hollywood, however, is all about the comeback. And I hope beyond hope that Winona came make it happen. Here she is at Sundance looking lovely if not a little pale, somewhat unsure of herself, but seemingly ready to give it a go. If only we could find her a high profile love affair to re-launch her tabloid career in a less legally incriminating way. Have a suggestion? Let’s hear it.