Here’s a quick update:

Everyone’s thinking VOGUE because Anna Wintour was there but it’s looking like PEOPLE and HELLO! are publishing the Amal Alamuddin-George Clooney wedding photos, just like it was with Brange. One source told me that VOGUE simply couldn’t pay that much money and that only a PEOPLE/HELLO! joint bid would both satisfy the financial requirement (to be donated) and also the “nice reporting/nice gossip” demands. A respected celebrity-friendly photo agency was apparently brokering the deal.

VOGUE however might get some arty shots of her getting ready and more details about the design construction etc in a beautiful editorial layout but for quick first release hot off the event, I’m told by three independent sources now that it’ll likely be PEOPLE and HELLO! and possibly as early as tomorrow.

Will keep you posted if I hear anything else.