Sofia Vergara is currently on holiday with her on-again boyfriend Nick Loeb.  Jessica Alba was in Paris yesterday for fashion week. Both were allegedly former candidates for the position that eventually ended up going to Katie Holmes.  Sofia’s name has come up often in recent days.  Rumor has it she was sketched out by Scientology and made a run for it after a very, very brief courtship.  Alba was involved in the now infamous story about the Mission Impossible audition process.  Supposedly several actresses were seen for the role in the movie as well as in Tom Cruise’s personal life.  The list included Scarlett Johansson as well.  If you believe that version of events, Alba was out of the running quite early. Scarlett, like Sofia, was apparently freaked out by Xenu, leaving Katie as a potential. Apparently Tom and Katie met, she disappeared for a week, and by the time she came back on the grid it was love and couch jumping. Do Sofia and Alba ever look at her life and wonder what if?