Ricky Fitts!

I’ve maybe seen American Beauty too many times.

Anyway, Wes Bentley is back. He was in Spain today promoting a movie we’ll probably never see called There Be Dragons with Olga Kurylenko. We’ll get to her later. Wes is making something of a comeback. And a rather honest one, I think.

He was in Toronto a few years ago shooting a movie. I remember hearing that there were times they couldn’t get him out of his room he was so strung out. Heroin was his problem. In a very candid New York Times piece last year, he talked about his multi-year addiction, how it wrecked his marriage, and almost took his life, and what it took to get out. Click here to read it.

Bentley looks healthy now, non? Really, really, really good. Hopefully he can hang on.

As for Olga Kurylenko – you’ll recall if you’ve been reading for long enough that I was major hard for her after the Bond Quantum movie, like all the time. Her face…it’s exquisite. Olga just came off working on the new Terrence Malick film in Oklahoma with Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck. I’m sure he didn’t notice.

Photos from Wenn.com