I like to write about Wes Bentley every chance I get. Bentley was supposed to be a big deal after American Beauty. He had the talent, he had the looks, and he had a serious heroin addiction. As he revealed to the NY Times a couple of years ago, he’d lock himself in an apartment and just binge...for weeks. Bentley and Heath Ledger were tight for a while. They shot Four Feathers together. When Bentley dropped out of Monster’s Ball, he begged Ledger to fill in for him. Bentley attended the Australians In Film and Heath Ledger Scholarship 5th anniversary benefit dinner last night in LA to honour and remember his friend. He attended last year as well. It’s amazing how photos live lives and tell stories after they were taken, non? Check out this one:

Bentley found a way to get clean and come back. He’s worked steadily the last couple of years. And he has just been confirmed to star in Ryan Murphy’s new pilot for HBO called Open. Open is “a provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships” and Bentley will play Evan Foster, a man with a lot of swagger who apparently talks about his sexual playbook all the time. (Source) Please. Proceed beyond the pilot. This needs to go to series right away.