Would you have tried the McDonald’s Oreo Spam burger if it was available where you live? I would. I f-cking love Spam. Spam isn’t as big in China as it is in Korea (Koreans are obsessed with Spam) but in Hong Kong, where I half grew up, they serve it at diners slathered with some honey and it goes down SO good with lemon Coke. So, yes, I’d be all over this thing because Oreos are also my weakness. And I have no doubt it would taste delicious. You know what else would taste good? Mixing up ground beef with Oreo crumble. I might try this. (Dlisted)


Carey Mulligan is currently promoting Promising Young Woman which Sarah reviewed last week and I really hope you see it when it’s released on streaming in January because it’s SO F-CKING GOOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Anyway, Carey has Christmas rules that she wants her family to follow and I think it’s cute, the way we all have traditions that we want to stick to – or that we fight about. Jacek, for example, always wants to open presents on Christmas Eve because that’s how his family did it. I never want to open presents until Christmas Day. And I don’t do it first thing on Christmas Day either because then there’s nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day. I like to prolong the yearning. (Cele|bitchy)

What is this Santa jacket? Is it an oversized bomber? Is it half of a tracksuit? Is it custom? Homemade? I need it. But I’m not crafty. So I need a website link and a “click to buy” button because I already have an obscene amount of Christmas-related clothing for some reason and need to add to my collection. Next Christmas, if we are back to actually being able to leave the house again, I’m going f-ckwild (not buckwild but F-CKWILD) with Christmas attire. (Go Fug Yourself)

Some people think it’s looking more and more like Donald Trump will refuse to leave the White House and there are those who do kinda want to see him being “dragged out, kicking and screaming”. Would you watch that show?  (Pajiba)

The Ringer’s list of the best non-Christmas Christmas movies includes Goodfellas which… yeah… totally, it is a Christmas movie. But then I would totally put Hustlers on that list too. (The Ringer)