George Clooney gave PEOPLE so much information about his wedding they can release a story every day about the event, sometimes two. Here’s one that showed up this weekend: the cost. How much did the wedding cost?

PEOPLE says that’s grossly inflated:

At the end of the day, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's three-day wedding weekend, including their intimate Sept. 27 ceremony at the Aman Canal Grande resort, cost about $1.6 million, or a million British pounds, PEOPLE has learned. Speculative reports placing the price tag anywhere from $5 million to upwards of $13 million are erroneous, according to a source.

A source?

But that’s insulting, isn’t it?

The magazine secured the rights to the photos. And was given transcripts of the speeches. And access to Amal’s family. And quotes from both Amal and George. So don’t play it off like this information came from a “source”, implying distance between the source and George. It doesn’t make it any less tacky.

So George Clooney claims that George Clooney’s wedding *only* cost $1.6 million? Fine.

George Clooney also made a lot of money from PEOPLE and HELLO! and Vanity Fair Italia. TMZ reported the other day that all of it is going to charity with the Satellite Sentinel Project receiving most of the cash so that “every photo in both magazines will be saving a life”.

Right. But he’s matching that too, right? From his own bank account? Because is it really a donation when you yourself haven’t actually given anything?

One more thing, PEOPLE is also telling us that Amal walked down the aisle to Here Comes The Bride.

OK that made me LAUGH.