Victoria Beckham won the Best Designer Brand last night at the British Fashion Awards in London. More validation, I guess, that she’s really a legitimate fashion person now.

She was quite emotional about the honour and graciously thanked her team and her family and hard-posed as she does, as you know, and as I was sorting through the photos of her at the event, I saw a few of her with Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs and I thought to myself...

Would Kate Moss agree that Victoria Beckham’s is the Designer Brand of the Year?

Here are the other nominees for Designer Brand of the Year:

Stella McCartney
Tom Ford

Now I want you to imagine Kate Moss’s thought process as Victoria Beckham was called over those 3 labels. Stella, TF, and Burberry.

Exactly. There is NO way she’s not slagging her off behind her back. Which is how I’m totally Photo Assuming her expression in this shot.