If there are photos in the morning, I will post them but right now as of this writing, I can’t find any of Kate Winslet posing with her boyfriend, Ned, ahem, Rocknroll.

I guess that’s what this is now. He gets to come along.

Here’s what I’ve been wondering all night:

Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio are tight. And at some point, at the show, at the parties, they must have had a moment together. And there must have been the opportunity to make the introduction.

How does she do it?

Hi Leo, darling! (Kiss kiss, hug, hug) Oh Leo, l want you to meet someone. Leo, this is Ned ROCKNROLL. Ned, this is Leo.

Like, what do you imagine Leo DiCaprio, never without a cigar, always the leader of his personal posse, and you know he’s a meangirl at the core, is thinking as he’s shaking hands with a dude called Ned ROCKNROLL???