Scientology is being blamed for the breakdown. Specifically, Katie’s desire to block the Church from turning her daughter into the Little Sci. What started it though, according to my sources, is Katie’s desire to live in New York full time. She’s been pushing for it for over a year. Tom was against it. And, well, he then apparently tried to block it. TMZ is reporting that Tom was thinking of sending Suri to the Sea Org. But was there a “big bang moment”, something that finally sealed it for Katie, setting everything else in motion? I’m told that it was when Katie heard Isabella and Connor talking to Suri about the Gold Base, by Hemet in California. The Gold Base is not the boat you’ve been hearing about; it’s the “resort”, guarded like a military facility, accessible only to those who’ve reached the highest levels of Xenu understanding. Word is Tom thought that would be a good place to start off Suri because it was close enough to LA and Katie could come around on visiting days.

And then of course there’s how Katie observed Isabella. As Tom’s older daughter, watching Bella gave Katie some insight into what life would be like for Suri. Bella has a boyfriend now and they’re living together. Unbeknownst to Bella, Tom allegedly has them followed. Not by security, not for protection, but by a Scientology member trained in surveillance from the same squad that’s mobilised whenever the Church wants to discredit or attack an adversary. They told Katie it was in Bella’s best interests, to make sure she wasn’t being taken advantage of. But it made her increasingly uncomfortable. She slowly started opening up about it with her mother. Her mother kept her father informed. And as she grew closer to her family again, she pushed away Tom’s influences. Like his sister. Us Weekly reports in its latest issue that Katie cut off Lee Anne DeVette about a month ago. DeVette was Katie’s babysitter for a while. And, as I reported last Friday - click here for a refresher - she’s replacing her staff so that she can get away from people on Tom’s payroll. According to Us, she’s also secured her own NY apartment for $12,500 a month. As soon as she was able to confirm a residence, she then engaged her old team and a new lawyer, quickly, turning it around in less than a week, and finally cutting off Tom on Wednesday. As previously mentioned, that’s when she stopped taking his calls. That’s also when she was seen at Whole Foods in Chelsea, with Suri, seemingly building a new life. An eyewitness tells me exclusively that Katie was there on June 27th in the afternoon pushing a huge cart filled with flowers, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and other basic home items. While standing in the check-out, Katie hugged Suri repeatedly, telling her over and over again:

"You know you are an amazing little girl, right?  I love you more than anything." 

She was also very appreciative of her bodyguard who appeared to be new on duty without much experience with her schedule.

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