Exclusive details about what happened last Thursday when all that sh*t went down at Britney’s house.

As you know, she showed up late for her deposition. After her deposition was a scheduled visit with the kids. My sources say she spent much of the time trying on clothes and playing with her hair “for an outing she was pretty excited about” in front of the children. She supposedly says this is their “favourite game”.

Britney was apparently in a rather foul mood well before the kids had to go back to KFed’s. She was checking her phone and madly texting back and forth. When told it was time for her booboos to leave, already agitated, she told her assistant to stall while continuing to make phone calls.

The court monitor was able to get SPF out of the house leaving Britney with Jayden James locked inside the Master Bath. So the police arrive but according to police insiders, they did not hear her threaten suicide. Not once. She was however screeching that she knew why they were there and kept repeating that they’re “her kids and she could do what she wants” with them.

Am told at no point did she say she would hurt them or hurt herself though she did keep with the refrain “Don’t f&cking tell me what to do!” , described as a spoiled teenager who “acts like a child and throws fits when she doesn"t get her way.” While being questioned, she petulantly answered “yes sir” or “ma’am” with a sneer.

It took the cops a while to gently coax her out of the bathroom. There was no violence, there was no kicking down of a door. Somehow they convinced her to come out and hand over the baby, at which point she then allegedly proceeded to dance around them, giving them flashes of her green thong and touching herself suggestively. After much pleading to put her clothes back on – to no avail – they called in female officers to handle her because, as you can imagine, they were now put in an even more uncomfortable position.

The lady cops arrive and Britney gets angry again. She didn’t like the “new vibe” so she decided to switch accents, starts speaking to them in a terrible British accent, babbling away, high off her tree. Yes…despite unofficial reports indicating otherwise, my sources say the cops are still convinced she was popping pills or “some kind amphetamine”.

Also – word is Sam Lutfi did show up at the house that night. When he arrived he supposedly started ordering everyone around and allegedly laid in to one of the housekeepers for “overreacting”. Apparently the housekeepers are terrified of him and allegedly told the police that he accuses them of stealing from Britney all the time, to the point where he routinely demands that they be searched. Throughout the incident, I’m told the housekeepers were repeatedly asking if they could go home for the day.
Speaking of housekeepers, contrary to what you might expect, the house is actually very clean. Like spotless. With the exception of her room. Her room is filthy because the housekeepers are apparently not allowed in. Food embedded in the carpet, smelled of smoke and stink, clothes everywhere, “more clothes than in a department store!” and “so many hats and sunglasses, you couldn’t walk without crunching on something.”

And while many officers did say they felt sorry for her, acknowledging she does need help for whatever may be ailing her, most also say she needs an attitude adjustment that doesn’t necessarily require professional intervention – more like a spanking.

“She’s rude. The way she speaks to people around her and people who work for her is rude. She expects people to jump when she asks. Even the cops.”

The Britney Spears sense of entitlement – yay for child stars and the parents who pimp them!

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