If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you know how I feel about Tori Spelling and that loser she married. Go through the archives if that’s not clear enough for you. Kevin Federline Jr cheated on his then-wife Mary Jo Eustace after meeting Tori on the set of a made-for-television movie. KFed Jr and Mary Jo had just adopted a baby girl. Tori was still married at the time too. But they say they couldn’t help themselves. And their 7 year marriage and 4 children are supposed to justify their actions.

Which is why you are stunned that US Weekly is reporting that Jr cheated on Tori a few weeks ago in Toronto with a woman called Emily Goodhand who tells the magazine that she met him with a group of friends and he gave her his hotel room key and asked her to meet him for some sex. KFed Jr told Goodhand that he loves Tori but that she won’t f-ck him which is why he had to have his needs taken care of somewhere else. He also tried to show her photos of his sex tape with Tori on his iPhone. Goodhand took notes, and then called up US Weekly and shared. For cash? Likely for cash.

So a golddigger just got played by another golddigger. It’s practically Shakespearean.

At post time, there’s been no comment from Tori or from KFed Jr. But he must be terrified. Because if Candy Spelling is indeed the kind of Hollywood wife-now-widow we believe her to be, she’s calling up her daughter and she’s making offers. Leave him and your kids will be taken care of, you will be taken care of. Leave him and the money is yours.

You’ll recall, when Aaron Spelling died, he left almost all of his money to Candy (estimated to be around $600 million). Tori didn’t see much of that at all. Mother and daughter have publicly argued about this. Word is, part of the reason Candy cut off Tori was because of KFed Jr. Which is why Tori had to actually work – selling her life on reality television, writing books, hocking her sh-t at garage sales, hustling at autograph conventions for anything she could scrape together.

KFed Jr couldn’t believe it. He gave up on a marriage for the easy life, and it turns out he wasn’t invited to enjoy any part of the Spelling fortune.

Now? He just handed Tori a reason to go home. Without him. And what is he without her? Let Candy Spelling decide.