You all had such a good time reading Bill Paxton’s lips the other day after the Golden Globes and deciphering whether or not he said he “lost to cancer” that we’re doing it again, this time with Third Lip Nicole Kidman. Did she drop a f-ck bomb on Sophia Loren? Me I don’t think so. But a few others disagree. Click here to see.

Third Lipreading aside, there are other more intriguing matters to report. As you may know already, Keith Urban and John Mayer are hooking up for a CMT Crossroads special. My sources tell me exclusively however that following Crossroads, the two are expected to announce a joint tour. Contracts are currently being worked out.

Oh the f-cking smut. Can you imagine?

John Mayer’s douchery is legendary. More on this later. Keith Urban old shenanigans are well documented. And the two together, unsupervised, on the road, on the bus, guitars and pussy galore? Please. Gran is gonna freeze that buzz. Handholding and bagholding from city to city, Keith will be chaperoned by a Third Lip. And if she can’t be there herself, she will install a spy. Trust.

Here they are after the Globes on Sunday arriving at the Weinstein party.

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