After my article yesterday on Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart, and how she did much better - gossip-wise - back with Ben Affleck, many of you wrote to say (including Sandy C just an hour ago) that you’d never seen the Vegas photos of JLo sitting at the poker table with Ben, realising, as the paps were shooting, that it was totally, finally over.

Here’s the timeline:

-Bennifer was supposed to marry in September 2003 in Montecito. They called it off just days before, blaming it on the paparazzi, then showed up at The Ivy to prove they hadn’t broken up

-Late September/October-ish 2003: they broke up, briefly

-Mid-October-ish 2003: they went to Georgia and made up

-December 31, 2003 to January 1, 2004: they spend New Year’s in Vegas. As you can see from the images, he’s smoking and she’s bored. And she’s looking at him like - oh my God, I can’t do this anymore. And he... well... if you were to ask me to analyse the situation, I’d say he sabotaged it deliberately.

-Just 3 weeks later, her publicist confirms it’s over, done, for good.

-On June 5, 2004, NOT EVEN 6 MONTHS LATER, she marries Marc Anthony

If ever there was a Gossip Time Machine, I would always, always set mine in the Top 5 to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.