They did this last year too with Snow White, right?

Mirror Mirror came out in March, just like Olympus Has Fallen, about the White House getting blitzed and Gerard Butler saving the president. Snow White And The Huntsman was released in June and same goes for White House Down, about the White House getting blitzed and Channing Tatum saving the president.

Mirror Mirror was the acid trip version of the fairy tale. Snow White And The Huntsman was the video game version. Not sure if the similarities extend there. But the point is, Olympus did fine, just like Mirror Mirror. And I don’t see why anyone would worry about White House Down because... Channing Tatum. Right now, Channing Tatum is all you need.

A trailer for White House Down was released yesterday and Abraham Lincoln continues to be on trend. This kind of not my jam. But here’s why I think White House Down will be superior, if that’s the right word:

1.There is no Gerard Butler
2.Channing Tatum doesn’t talk much
3.There is no Gerard Butler
4.Channing Tatum is actually kinda hot here, and I don’t normally find him attractive. It’s the shot at the 1:47 mark.
5.There is no Gerard Butler
6.They don’t seem to be fear-mongering Asians
7. Django is the President
8.There is no Gerard Butler

Here’s Channing Tatum with his wife Jenna Dewan (I recently just learned it’s pronounced Dew-inn, rhymes with Ewan, and not Duh-wann) last night in London on promotion for GI Joe which is going head-to-head against The Host this weekend. More thoughts on this later.