LOVE Whitney. Totally amped that Whitney’s about to be BACK. Thrilled she’s kicked the Bobby. Hopefully she’s kicked the blow. But let this be a lesson about the effects of the blow.

Because her face… it just isn’t the same. And Whitney was once a world class beauty. At only 44, she should still be a world class beauty. Instead, Whitney is wearing a little bit of Tara Reid’s stroke face and rockin’ some of Tara’s ghetto tits too.

Having said that… now that Clive loves her again… hopefully the damage stops here.

And save it with the “Lainey you’re so mean” messages. Crack is wack. She said it herself.

Remember that interview? That interview made my life:

“First of all let’s get one thing straight (waves fingers in Diane’s face). Crack is cheap. I make too much money to smoke crack. (more finger waving). OK? Crack is wack!”

You need a refresher? Click here for the clip. Funniest sh*t ever.

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