Whitney Houston performed at Clive Davis’s party on Saturday night and while her voice, understandably, has suffered, by all accounts she was captivating on stage, as she assured the crowd: “I got it, I got it”.

Great news, of course.

But also… let me be the bitch … there is a lesson here.


Did you see her on Grammy night? She presented the first award. And, um, her speech pattern. Like 5 seconds between every word.


Brain fried.

Too much drugs.

My husband and I were watching and he was like – ummmm…Kerry Katona? It’s his favourite interview ever. Because the morning presenters actually called her on it. But I digress.

RDJ doesn’t seem to have this problem. He’s as articulate as ever. It’s those vitamins and that spinach juice, I’m telling you. Whitney needs the same formula.

But she looked great, right? This is all that matters…?

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