Looks like the Enquirer is on a roll this week. Before breaking the LeBlanc business, they landed a huge story yesterday about Whitney Houston. Something about a crackhead cousin/niece/aunt whatever who used to freebase with her and decided to sell her out in exchange for some nasty ass photos allegedly taken inside Whitney’s bathroom. You remember that Diane Sawyer interview? I think it’s my favourite of all time of any celebrity, like ever. Back then, Whitney claimed she was too rich to use crack. These days, however, it appears that crack ain’t wack after all. The best part though was when Bobby came in, stoned out of his tree, trying to convince us that he wasn’t an addict, that he smoked dope to take the edge off the lithium. Now that’s what I call great reality tv and quite possibly the best public service announcement you can find. Beautiful Whitney Houston, whose voice is a national treasure, is now a skank junkie with no teeth, no money, no home (new reports today suggest she’s been evicted) no career…and worst of all, no friggin’ housekeeper! Come on, y’all. How do you win that many Grammys and sell that many records and find yourself in a position where you can’t afford to find someone to clean up after your degenerate ass? Maybe this is the wake up call she needs, gossips. I mean, when you get to the point when you can’t pay your maid – I’d say it’s time to check back in to rehab, don’t you think???