LOVE that Whitney is Bobby-free. LOVE that she is getting her younger man fix. Am all over the younger man fix. Within legal limits of course. As for the Gay Math limits… well Ray J comes in two years underneath the threshold. Whitney clearly cares not for Gay Math.

Whitney accompanied Ray J, or vice versa, to a bout in Vegas this weekend. What’s most amazing to me is that I can’t decide who looks… prouder. Who seems more chuffed to be seen with the other.

What’s most fascinating to me are Whitney’s wonky tits. No idea what’s happening there but I can’t take my eyes off them. Do they curdle underneath or are they smooth? Is one a U and the other a V? If you push them together are they like the earth’s continents? Do they fit in pieces like a puzzle before earthquakes and the tectonic plates pushed them apart?

Does Ray J wonder the same?