What is it about being sick that makes you corny?

Was so happy to see new photos of Whitney Houston today in London, looking great and lucid and healthy and positive and ready to come back. The new album drops in September and her greatest supporter Clive Davis is already busy engineering what he’s hoping will be her return to the top.

In an interview with ABC, Clive said that Whitney’s music “still stands for the best of song writing, the best of singing -- and we know the public wants it.”

According to Clive:

"You won't forget it after you hear it. There is a song on this album which is called 'I Didn't Know My Own Strength' and it really speaks for Whitney. She tumbled but she didn't crumble."

Something about his loyalty to her, and the way he waited for so long, and never stopped believing she’d right herself, something about that makes me super weepy…

I posted a link to listen to the new song a couple of weeks ago. Am posting again in case you missed it.




Photos from Wenn.com