I was a blubbering mess when I saw Whitney at the listening session in New York earlier this summer. Click here to read the article.

Whitney’s new album I Look To You is available now. A true superstar declaring that it’s time we stop f-cking around with the pretenders.

Yes, please.

The reviews are in – mostly positive and this from the New York Times:

“She’s tentatively climbing back into the pop machinery, no longer invincible but showing a diva’s determination.”


I do.

More reviews can be found here.

Whitney was on Good Morning America today promoting the album.

This is Million Dollar Baby – Alicia Keys wrote it for her. Like way she opens ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…And all the oh ohs that follow.

I lipsynched this in the mirror while getting ready for studio this morning.

At the listening session Alicia was dancing in the aisle during this song, pumping her fist, beside herself with excitement. She wrote a song for Whitney. Yeah.

And here Alicia talks about the experience.

Is it her greatest sh-t ever?


You’re measuring against a formidable standard.

But Whitney’s Pretty Good is better than anyone else’s Best They Can.

Whitney. True talent.

Enough of this f-ckery. Heidi Montag is cutting an album?


Time to support the artist. Whitney is on iTunes.

Photos from Wenn.com