Whitney Port is getting her own “reality” spin-off. She moves to New York, she gets a “job”, there’s boy drama… and all the activity happens AROUND her instead of ABOUT her. At least that’s what it looks like from the new trailer.

Whitney stands around with her mouth open while other people live their lives.

She’s beautiful…but she’s excruciatingly boring.

She does however manage to make a new friend. Or rather MTV producers have hired a new friend for her. And The Friend is where it’s at.

Her name is Olivia Palermo. A socialite familiar in New York gossip circles for a while now about to be exposed to 15 year olds everywhere.

Her past is smutty and scandalous. She’s already warred with other socialites in the city. She hired a publicist before she ever needed one. And she wants it. She wants it badly.

Watch the trailer below and read this brilliant article for a full play by play of Olivia’s scene. It’s Gossip Girl meets the Real Housewives and for gossip lovers, really the best thing ever. She even looks like Blair Waldorf!

Attached – Whitney at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood event the other night and file photos of Olivia from Wenn.com