Dear Gossips,

Who is the “Secret Actress”?

On Friday The Guardian published the first piece in a series of articles about Hollywood written by “an Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated actor”. I have no idea. My sense is that she’s formally educated, not in her 20s, and not obsessed with Instagram. But that’s just a feeling.

The first name that came to mind: Laura Linney, probably because I’d been wanting to post pictures of Laura Linney last week from Berlin. I love her. I miss her. And she’s SO underrated and SO underused. But the Secret Actress lives and works in LA. And I’m pretty sure Laura loves New York City and the theatre too much to move to LA.

Laura’s next major release will be in the fall, in Sully, with Tom Hanks and directed by Clint Eastwood. So on February 29th when people start talking about Oscars for next year, that one will for sure be on the list. Oh and she’s also in the new Ninja Turtles movie but I’m not holding that against her because if Laura Linney has to get hers in between Broadway plays, so be it.

Check her out on this carpet. Isn’t she lovely? The dimples. The earrings. The dress. The shoes. For almost an entire year we’ve had to listen to people talking about how Leo is “due”. If he’s “due”, what the f-ck is Laura Linney?

Click here to read the Secret Actress article at The Guardian.

Yours in gossip,