Thanks to the lovely, lovely reader who sent this in yesterday after watching The View. A curious little slip by Whoopi Goldberg – anyone else happen to catch it?

It was during the Hot Topics segment, the hens were clucking about body image and magazines – how celebrities claim they stay in shape through healthy diets and yoga and personal trainers when in reality, it ends up being achieved on the surgeon’s table, nips and tucks…

Whoopi posits, something to the effect of: “Yeah, what they don’t tell you is they are getting it all cut off!”

And then Joy objects – “But Whoopi, they can’t get it all cut off – their face would still be fat.”

To which Whoopi spontaneously replied, “No look at what O… “ and then she stopped herself. She stopped her self and finished with an emphatic “I will say no more”, at which point Sherri nodded. Almost as a warning. And it was awkward. Like it was a big deal, that it was critical that they go no further.

Who could she have possibly been referring to that would put such fear into their hearts?

Who is the Mystery O? Which O could be so Mighty? Which Mighty O has taken to the knife but won’t disclose?