When the news broke that Justin (allegedly) stuck his dick in someone other than Jessica, Lainey wrote something that I’m now on board with:

So what’s the next move Jessica Biel? If I’m her publicist, I encourage a break-up ASAP….Please. If she can pull this off, I’m a fan for life.

Here’s the deal, I have never been a fan of Jessica Biel. I think she’s dull as sh-t, her talent is weak, and she’s desperately clinging on to Justin’s nuts. BUT if she does actually LEAVE Justin, then I like Lainey, will be a fan.

I think we can all relate to being cheated on. Talk about ripping your heart out, throwing a bag of shi-t on it and lighting it on fire.

And right now, the fact that the whole world knows that Justin cheated on her is really sad. Even sadder? I bet Jessica has worked really hard over the years to stay ‘attractive’ in order to keep her man. I can’t imagine what it would be like to date someone famous--the temptation in that cesspool is too much. But it does go to show you that no matter how hot or how tight you keep it, if you’re with a dirt bag, well, you’re with a dirt bag (ahem, Demi Moore). And if you turn the blind eye for too long, it’s going to sting a whole lot more when US Weekly puts it on their front page.

I’ve been cheated on before and it’s a head trip. Yes, some people can forgive and move on and to those I say: Good job, I hope you and your therapist have a great bond. Because here’s the deal, if you stay with a guy who’s cheated on you, and you don’t have a consensual open relationship, you never truly forgive or forget. That sucker creeps back in and out of your relationship. It’s true that he might never cheat again but you’ll always know that he did and that kind of band-aid ain’t strong enough for me.

I won’t bore you with my story but let’s just say it was the whole meal deal. A kiss, I could forgive, but a full-on insertion….nope can’t forget about that one.

I remember how I felt when I found out. For the first 15 minutes I didn’t care and then all of a sudden I wanted him right in front of me so I could literally curb his ass. But I STAYED. I stayed for two more years. Because this was my first real grown up love and he said all the ‘right’ things afterwards.

Things ended a few years later. But I remember the moment it was really over in my head. We were away together and in the middle of the night, while he was lying asleep beside me, I suddenly woke up so irate that I actually gave ‘the finger’ to his face. So yah, I guess I hadn’t forgiven him. We broke up a couple of months later.

The thing is he’s a great guy, he has so much to offer and I know he really did love me. But when it came to this part of his life, at this time in his life, he was incapable of being faithful. And it had nothing to do with me. I don’t want to get all Spice Girls ‘girl power’ on you but I swear to you that never, NOT ONCE, during the whole grieving process, did I ever think I was less than someone else or ugly or not sexy enough (insert whatever insecurity you want here). I never took the blame.

My rationale was that it was 100% his f-ck up, it was his distorted way of thinking, and it was his blatant disrespect. So when I look at Justin Timberlake, I think a few things. a) he’s fine as hell b) I’d tap that if I was single and c) dude doesn’t have a faithful bone in him. Right now, Justin is being offered many movie roles and in turn is being offered even more vagina. Let’s not forget Justin knows what it feels like to be cheated on; he cried a big damn river about it. So don’t think that he doesn’t understand the pain he’s causing. He knows, he just doesn’t care.

So Jessica, girl, please, put that call into your publicist and tell him ‘it’s over’, Lainey and I will be here for you.

(Attached : Justin filming with Olivia Wilde in LA on Friday. He then escorted Jessica Biel via private plane back to interior British Columbia where she’s been shooting another movie, and it’s not like he has a lot of free time either. On any other weekend he would have told her to fly her ass back herself. But this was no ordinary weekend. And Justin is desperate to save face.)