Is my favourite N Sync song. What? I love it. I totally Wayne Robsoned it back in the day, OK? For some reason it was the lyric that came to mind reading this story -- that Justin Timberlake only invited 2 of the other 4 members of N Sync to his wedding. JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick were allowed to come if they wanted to. Joey Fatone and Lance Bass were banned.

US Weekly reports exclusively that Pips didn’t want his wedding to turn into a reunion (of course not; if the bride was hardly involved, why would his ex-colleagues be?) and that he hates Lance now.

“It’s gonna be me” is the only line Lance has to his own in the song. Poor Lance.

But whyyyyyyy???

I’m hearing that it has to do with Dancing With The Stars. Rumour has it he was embarrassed by Lance and Joey being on the show. Supposedly he considered it low classy. Pretty sure when it comes to low classy, JT has some other friends who could take it a lot lower. Should we give him some N Sync today in honour of this big pink wedding pictures? You know he would love that, especially since he refused to have any N Sync music played at his wedding.