I glanced at an email today from the Academy about key dates for this year’s award ceremony. We’re only 5 months out. Around this time last year, Eddie Murphy was named host of the Oscars. Two months later, following Brett Ratner’s dumbassness, he quit the job. Billy Crystal stepped in. And this year? They should probably announce soon. I think it should be Justin Timberlake. For several reasons.

First - he’d be great at it. You know what that looks like. You have seen him on a stage. And also, he wouldn’t be acting. And he’d attract the viewers. And it would be entertaining. THIS we can all get down with.

But would JT be down with it?

That’s the other reason we would win. JT, as you know, doesn’t want to be the song and dance man anymore. JT wants to be Leo D. JT thinks he can be Leo D. JT would rather be in the seats, as a nominee, than up there pipsqueaking into the microphone doing a monkey montage to all the year’s best movies. As IF.

But can JT say no to the Academy? If he says no to the Academy does he risk his relationship with the Academy? Son, you need to earn it. This is what we’re giving you now. And we can talk later about what you really want. JT has a tantrum. Why won’t they take me seriously as an actor? Is it the ringlets?

See? It benefits us in so many ways.

Here’s Justin the other day at a press event for Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With The Curve which is, so far, earning solid reviews mostly for the chemistry between Clint and Amy Adams (but maybe a little because people are afraid to be mean to The Outlaw Josey Wales?).

Also attached - Justin and Jessica Biel at Stand Up To Cancer last week and Biel out this weekend with that fringe.