This is Kristen Stewart out and about today in New York and as you can see, as I wrote in the she is gorgeous. Look at that face!

Seriously. I came out of that theatre not pining for Rob Pattinson but girlcrushing HARD on Kristen Stewart.


- That’s the face of a bitch. That is not Bella.
- She cannot help but hate the books. She can’t hide her hate for the books.
- I love bitches.
- She has openly revealed her disdain for the superfreak fans.
- She’s trying to fight her attraction to the guy every girl wants. It’s adorable, non?
- I love bitches
- She has the youthful pretention of an “artist” without the annoying jaw and pout of Keira Knightley.
- Have I mentioned she’s a bitch? I love bitches.

Two flaws?

1. I’m already halfway to hell so I’ll say it for you since you won’t say it out loud. That boyfriend…let’s be honest… he’s not doing anything for our fantasies. He’s in a few of the photos below wearing black on black with loser greaser hair. Come on. You know you’re thinking it.

And …

2. Stop trying to be Ellen Page. You’re not there yet.

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