They’re releasing Titanic in 3D. Kate Winslet has been shuttling around promoting the movie. So far, no Leonardo DiCaprio. But there he is, that Ned non-né ROCKNROLL. Kate looks lovely and is wearing Jenny Packham but let’s explore some possible reasons (with likelihood analysis) on why Leo has so far been absent from promoting Titanic 3D.

- He’s afraid, like all of us are, of James Cameron’s wife. (moderate)
- Leo has a love/hate relationship with Titanic. Titanic made him a movie star. But also one of the most hunted movie stars. Many believe that Leo has been trying ever since to get away from his loverboy Titanic Jack Dawson character. (high)
- Leo is in love with Kate but she’s not in love with him. (very low)
- Leo hates Ned (moderate)
- He’s still pining over Blake Lively (gossip genie wishful thinking)
- He’s busy. Partying. (moderate)