Which personalities did you try on before you ‘settled’ on the one you have now?  Were you the anxious do-gooder?  Did you feel like you were always behind on everything?   Were you anxious because you felt too cool for the group you were in, but didn’t know where else to go?

I’ve been all these people and several more, including the person who couldn’t possibly stop dropping pop culture references, no matter how inane or having nothing to do with the conversation at hand.    If I know anything, I bet you have too.

Why aren’t you watching Community?   Is it because you’re busy watching Big Bang Theory at 8 on Thursday or that Vampire Diaries comes on at a weird place in your region?  I understand.  But some shows don’t need your ratings.   They won’t be hurt if you set your PVR.

If you don’t watch Community, it’s a show that exploits all the best unique weirdnesses that we can’t quite accept in other people and can’t quite recognize in ourselves.    You’ve heard it’s too insider, or it’s all parodies?    You don’t care about a Western or a Star Wars throwback?   Here’s the thing.   You actually do.

And the reason you do is because these people ARE YOU.  Community is a grown-up absurdist Breakfast Club where  every permutation of yourself is doing something, usually the thing that directly opposes the character you wish you were.   You can’t help but be entertained.  You can’t help but recognize everyone you know.

And this is all way BEFORE it’s ridiculously entertaining.  Before “Troy And Abed In The Morning”.   Before the Dean.  Before the many, many amazing digs about how Joel McHale has a Keebler Elf nose and is precious about his hair.   

Here’s the thing.  Last week’s episode?  Perfect, perfect gateway ep.  You don’t have to go back to episode 101.  Try it out.   Then try another one.   Let me know.   

But there’s nothing – I guarantee it – that will give you more pleasure at 8 PM on Thursday night.

I mean yes, there’s that…but you can do that at 8:30.

Attached - Joel McHale at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute last week.